Ho`omoana Foundation evaluates individual readiness and provides financial resources. 
Each applicant is treated individually and considered based upon their current 
circumstances and motivation to achieve a healthier life.

Ho`omoana Foundation provides dignified, one-on-one assistance to those ready to move forward after experiencing mental health challenges brought on by life stressors. Often it is a chain of unfortunate events/unforeseen circumstances that leads to anxiety or depression which then leads to loss of employment, and ultimately to loss of housing. We don’t debate the chicken or the egg; regardless of which presents itself first. We are dedicated to putting people on the road to recovery.

Employment for a Better Quality of Life
We believe the more individuals in a 
community who work, the stronger the 
community. The Foundation therefore seeks to keep individuals working and reduce the barriers that exist for those who are returning to employment.

A Healthy Mind
Mental health related life misfortunes are at a glance unpredictable, however upon closer examination, we can see patterns that lead to a range 
of life challenges. Since these 
challenges are often unpreventable, 
we work to provide pro-active services.