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Established in 2008, Ho`omoana Foundation is a private operating foundation dedicated to assisting financially and emotionally disadvantaged individuals to regain their confidence and ability to participate in their community. We provide a series of supports necessary to build lifestyles with dignity for a better quality of life. Essential to these goals are a safe living environment and employment.

At the Ho`omoana Foundation, our goals are to help people stay in a safe home, mentally healthy, and working in their community. When one is compromised, chances are the others will also deteriorate. We recognize a safe home, one’s health and a job are basic human necessities.

Determined to make a difference and to accelerate a successful transition, the Foundation emphasizes next steps. It was created based upon the recognition that a safe place to live is essential to an individual’s well-being and ability to be productive.

Our Mission
To provide a dignified bridge to cross for individuals who experience mental health challenges so they have the opportunity to rebuild their professional and personal lives. Ho`omoana believes that having a safe place to live and to be employed are essential to regaining a higher quality of life.

Our Board & Staff
Peter K. Martin – Founder and President
Thomas D. Welch, Jr. – Vice President and Treasurer
Rory Frampton – Secretary
Dr. Jon Betwee
Ali Martin
Josh Dean
Samual Ahia